I speed up to Movable Type 3.2

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在经历多日等待后,Movable Type终于放出了3.20正式版。新版本包含有众多激动人心的新特性,按照官方说法,分别是:

  • Vastly improved installation and upgrade

  • Unlimited blogs for all

  • Special $30 discount for Personal Edition

  • All your blogs in one place

  • The best community management

  • Find what you need

  • Smart new styles

  • A new generation of plugins

  • The best support in the business

  • Professional backing
总之,功能变得更加强大,也更加易用,还基本上解决了垃圾评论和垃圾引用通告,建议使用Movable Type搭建自己Blog系统的朋友们升级,我也会在空闲下来时制作3.20语言包(相信会有其他人制作,不过俺还是会自己动手)。