Text Link Ads推出了新的Blog广告形式--ReviewME。与传统的代码点击付费广告不同,ReviewME的付费方式是通过撰写Blog文章来完成的。加入ReviewME后,Blogger和广告主们可以互相选择,达成就某个广告主的产品在Blogger的Blog上发表文章的协议。待Blogger根据协议要求在自己的Blog上发表评论,ReviewME审核后将相应的费用付给Blogger。

ReviewME的广告形式被称作PayPerPost-like service,这种形式充分发挥了Blog品牌营销的特色,相信在Blog商业价值发掘方面,是一次非常有益的尝试。相信这种形式的广告,会很快在国内出现。

ReviewMe, which is a PayPerPost-like service that pays bloggers to write about advertisers’ products, just launched moments ago.

ReviewMe has a somewhat different model that PayPerPost. Where advertisers on PayPerPost set a single fee that is paid to all bloggers regardless of their size, ReviewMe uses an algorithm based on Alexa, Technorati and other statistics to determine the importance of a blog and charges a different fee for each blog based on the calculation. Blogger payments range from $30 - $1,000 per post.

Also, Bloggers must disclose that the review is a paid advertisement. They can do this in anyway they choose, ie “The following is a paid review:” “Paid Advertisement:” etc. This is another improvement over PayPerPost, which is heavily criticized because it does not require disclosure.

Finally, advertisers can purchase posts, but they cannot require that a post is positive. The blogger can choose to write their honest opinion without fear of not being paid. The only requirement is that the review must be a minimum of 200 words.

This post is a paid review