Six Apart Acquires Rojo Networks

Six Apart Acquires Rojo Networks


早在一年前,就感觉SixApart拥有明确的发展路线,现在这种趋势是越来越明显了。以Movable Type为基础架构,以TypepadLivejournalVox(得到了邀请,还没详细试用)提供各种各样满足Blogger相关需求的服务,再加上Rojo做RSS聚合服务,Sixapart全然成了最专业的Blog平台厂商,不知道国内的BSP们对此做何感想?

不过几家欢乐几家愁,Rojo顺利的并入了Sixapart,迎来新的发展,另一个较为知名的RSS聚合服务平台News Alloy却陷入了困境,9月5号时,收到News Alloy发来的求助邮件,其全文如下:

Dear zoptuno,

You received this email because you are registered user of News Alloy Project - Web2.0 based Feed Reader. (

This hard days finally came to us, News Alloy reached high capacity of users and feeds and it can't handle them
existing hardware and hosting. So please find time to read more if you care.

I will speak from my personal side, from side of founder and developer.

I did a lot, I invested a lot of my time into this project but I'm not rich to keep it up (I live in Ukraine, country of ex USSR :) ).
Mostly i was trying to be honest and develop this project by listening to users demands and do basic support.

News Alloy is running due to the enthusiasts who wanted something more than regular services driven by
Google, Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines with billions behind and dollar driven development teams.
Thank you folks! Your contribution is highly appreciated.

Now News Alloy have 2 choices.

I want to keep News Alloy for free and run it for those who really need it,
so all existing users who used it for a last 21 days will be kept, others deactivated.
Future registration process will be by invitation only!
So speed and HDD space will increase and features will be popping up very soon. No shit!

2) We offer 20 - 300% of our estimated service cost to interested parties. It is not too much, less than $100K, just ask :)
This will help us to grow and beat competitors.

Please spread this news internetwide, if you care :)

Thank you for staying with us,
Volodymyr Danylyuk,
Project Developer and Maintainer